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A True Passion For Health & Fitness.

I’ve read many books and articles on losing fat and weight – not one comes close to BFF. It’s easy to read, simple but effective formula gives people the best way to a lean, hard body with proper exercises. Great find

— Jack Smith, California

Good review site! I have been working out for years and had a hard time myself losing the extra fat. This eBook really explains what we are doing wrong, what exercises to do and what foods to eat and avoid. A really good find! I recommend it

— Angelina Nelson Denver, US

Who Are We?

Welcome to the bellyfatformula.com. It is great to have you here! I guess you are wondering who we are and what this Belly Fat Formula is all about? Glad you asked.

The bellyfatformula.com is a website dedicated to showing individuals how to lose belly fat to achieve the body they have always dreamed of.  Our flagship products are our popular weight loss eBook The Belly Fat Formula – 14 Days To A Flatter Stomach, and our health and fitness blog The Fat Belly Blog.

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About us

Why Listen To Us?

I know what you are asking. What business have we got telling you how to lose your stubborn belly fat? Good question.

The creators of the Belly Fat Formula have been kicking around in the fitness industry for long time. With degree level qualifications in Exercise Prescription, and Exercise & Sports Science, we have been heavily involved in the fitness industry as both a competitor, a certified trainer and instructor, and have also provided fitness expertise to a range of competitive sports people and teams. The Belly Fat Formula is the product of years of study into weight loss and exercise, as well as a wealth of hands on experience.

OK, What About This Belly Fat Formula eBook Then

Our popular eBook is an easy to follow fat loss program detailing how to immediately start losing excess fat to achieve a flatter firmer stomach in just a few weeks.

Our revolutionary new program focuses on sensible eating strategies and simple but effective weight loss exercises to help shift excess belly fat.  If you are looking to remove extra weight from your body then our 14 part guide is available for instant download in PDF format or via Amazon, iBooks or Google Play stores.

Are you struggling to shift your excess belly fat?  Let us help you out.  Lets get started on your journey to a flat stomach and no more belly fat today!
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