9 Of The Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat

There’s a lot of information floating around out there about diet and exercise and the best ways to lose belly fat – so much so that it seems to be flooding the entire world. That’s because they are broad categories, fraught with controversy. So determining which is fact and which is fiction can be difficult. Yet there are some steadfast rules of the road that can either make or break your diet experience.

Here are 9 ways to get you from rotund to ripped in record time.

Focus on Fat Loss, Not Scale Weight
When you begin any diet, you’ll likely show a loss in scale weight. If you work out, however, you will probably add some muscle. So, it’s possible to not lose any weight while you are melting away your body fat. And when you actually lose weight, your body’s entire composition may have changed in the process. So, forget the scale and rely on two things – the mirror and body fat calipers.

Drink a Gallon of Water Daily
Drinking water is key to losing weight. That’s because the body holds water in the tissues when it isn’t consumed in sufficient supply. Therefore, a body tends to look 7-10 pounds heavier than it would if water were being consumed in appropriate quantities. Drinking a good deal of water on a daily basis will let the body know that there is no impending drought and so it doesn’t need to store excess water. When the body realizes that it can relinquish its emergency supply you will look and feel much better.

Keep Protein High
Protein is a macronutrient responsible for the building and maintenance of nearly every bodily structure. It also functions as a great metabolic booster . What’s more protein is the building block of all muscle tissue, so it is essential to the addition of new muscle, and the retention of existing muscle tissue. One easy way to get more protein is to use a high protein meal replacement drink.

Minimize Dairy Foods
Eating dairy food isn’t necessarily unhealthy. But it might make you look a lot more watery or bloated than if you weren’t eating these types of foods. Dairy products contain certain nutrients, like lactose, that cause water retention in some people. However, eating dairy occasionally can actually boost your diet. Choose low fat dairy sources.

Eat 5-6 Meals Daily
When dieting you want to avoid eating a lot at one sitting. Spread your daily allotment of food over 5-6 meals. This gives your body ample opportunity to maintain a normal blood sugar level and receive a normal flow of nutrients. Eating every few hours also gives a powerful surge to your metabolism. In addition, it will curb the tendency to reach for an unhealthy snack between meals.

Train Rapidly Twice Per Week
One of the best ways to lose belly fat is to get in the habit of circuit training. As well as burning mega calories it will be great for your cardiovascular system. A strong cardiovascular system will allow you to recover more quickly between sets and train with more intensity. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is another great way to give your fat loss a boost.

Shop Only In the Perimeter of the Supermarket
All supermarkets are laid out in virtually the same way. The perimeter of the store contains all the freshest foods, while the interior of the store contains all the stuff that can get you into trouble with your diet. Think about it . . . fruit, nuts, eggs and other dairy items, meats, poultry and fish are usually all found around the perimeter of the store. Sure some items that you may want or need are within the aisles, like peanut butter, olive oil, various other nuts as well as other things like oatmeal and bottled water. But the other things you’ll find there are probably a no-no for your diet and should be avoided. Stay in the perimeter of the store, then, and you can’t go wrong.

Know How to Eat On The Run
There are many occasions when eating away from home becomes a necessity. Eating out is an art unto itself because it tests your skills of recall in terms of what is acceptable for you to eat while on your diet, and what is absolutely forbidden. It is also a test of willpower. Keep healthy foods, like nuts, seeds or a protein bar in your car. If you absolutely must stop off at a fast food restaurant, zero in on the grilled chicken burger.

Eat Fat for Energy Prior to a Workout
Having someone tell you to eat fat sounds like some sinister plan to derail you from body fat loss. However, eating fat in your diet can be what your body needs if you’re part of the 80% of people who feel fatigued after ingesting carbohydrates as a sole source of energy. In addition, the body needs fats to sustain tissues and create an environment of internal health. The healthy fats you need to take in are avocado, nuts, nut spreads and healthy oils such as flaxseed oil, olive oil and fish oils.