A Dog Ate My Homework And 5 Other Belly Fat Diet Excuses

What’s the oddest excuse you have dreamt up when post rationalising your failure to stick to your belly fat diet?  Does it always seem like there is something standing in the way to achieving your fat loss goals?

Does something always crop up that is completely out of your control just as you were ticking along nicely?  Or have you used every diet excuse in the book when deep down you knew you could have tried just a bit harder?  Is it time to overcome the excuses and really get the results you know you deserve?

The dog ate my homework is a classic one liner many a school student has used to ‘fool’ his or her teacher into a sympathetic response to unfinished schoolwork.  The fitness industry has its fair share of ‘dog ate my homework’ equivalents too…  lets take a look at a few of the more common ones that your personal trainer or confidant has probably heard before.

Important work deadline this week
You can substitute ‘work deadline’ for ‘sick kids’, ‘only had time to pick up takeaways’ or one of a multitude of similar ‘I have been too busy’ excuses.  As always, I have a solution.  Set the alarm earlier, re prioritise your weight loss over something less important (think TV, or socialising with friends), or try to get all your meal planning done during the weekends.

I don’t have the energy
Too tired.  Ah, this is all too common.  I don’t have time to make really healthy meals.  I certainly haven’t got 20 minutes to do some exercise.  This excuse comes with a certain irony.  Once you sort out your belly fat diet, start doing some exercise… guess what?  All of a sudden you have improved energy levels!  At the start it is a mind over matter.

Eating healthy is boring… I want to enjoy life
Well first… eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring.  And secondly,  you might find you enjoy life exponentially more if you aren’t so self conscious about your body and have the sexy figure you’ve always desired!

I won’t be able to stick to it so why start…
Sounds a bit like another schoolyard excuse again.  Yes, weight loss can be tough.  Especially at the start.  There will be ups and downs.  There will NOT be instant gratification like we humans tend to love.  But there is real gratification after you have achieved your goals.  You need to get the mind right first though.  If you don’t think you can stick to it then you probably won’t!

I don’t want to go to the gym to lose weight
Many individuals can find themselves intimidated or too embarrassed to go to a gym.  Or perhaps they simply do not want to work out with other sweaty or grunting individuals.  This is common.  We have good news for you.  Firstly you don’t need to.  You can get results simply through sensible changes to your eating habits. And while we would recommend you combine sensible eating and exercise for optimal results, there is a whole raft of quasi exercise equipment you could use in your own home to complete a suitable workout.

2016 could be the year that the dog doesn’t actually eat your homework and you get real results!  We have our fingers crossed for you!