A Dummies Guide To A Successful Belly Fat Diet Plan

Are you having difficulty shifting excess belly fat?  Do you often feel like a complete novice when trying to comprehend the best belly fat diet plan to achieve your desired weight loss?  Have you set new health or fitness goals for 2016 but just don’t know where to start as your pursue them?  Do the wide range of conflicting diets available nowadays create confusion in your household?  Or have you tried before to reduce the fat around your hips, thigh or belly region but with limited success?

Weight loss can be hard.  Really hard!

If you are looking for a belly fat diet plan that is simple to understand, easy to follow, and most of all healthy and nutritious, then its high time you received some assistance with your decision making.  And then… like a knight in shining armour approaching by horseback… we are here to help!

Perhaps you are about to get started on your first belly fat loss endeavour, or maybe you have had trouble losing weight and keeping it off in the past.  Here are a few sensible eating strategies to aide successfully losing your unwanted fat around your midsection.

Work out your fat loss goals
Ok, I know.  Technically this is not an eating strategy.  But before you get started on any sensible eating plan you need to work out what you are trying to achieve, and by when.  Done that?  Good.

What is your daily calorie goal?
You need to perform a couple of calculations before you just start eating or not eating!  What is your current state?  By that I mean how many calories are you consuming and how many are you expending every single day.  You need to know this little bit of arithmetic in order to work out your daily calorie goal.  Get the abacus out.

Only a fool breaks the two pound rule
OK, thats not 100% true, but it had a nice catchy ring to it.  Don’t try to lose more than 2 pounds per week.  That’s a caloric deficit of less than 1000 calories each day.

Fad diets are evil and cannot be trusted
On every street corner there seems to be someone selling a fad diet with curious or even extreme eating behaviours.  Turn and run… they won’t achieve long term fat loss.

Lower Glycemic Index carbs please
Keep away from simple sugars if you can.  Focus on fiber rich, low GI, whole grains when eating your carbs.  You will thank me for it…  (Ok, probably not).

Search for non processed foods
Heavy processing has the unwanted side effect of removing much of the nutrient value from foods.   Add unrefined minimally processed foods to your pantry or refrigerator.

Start with plants and then add the animals
Unless you have a particular aversion to consuming certain proteins, a mix of plants and healthy, lean animal proteins is ideal for your belly fat plan.

Fats are essential
Yep, its easy to fall into the trap of thinking all fats are bad.  Chow down on healthy fats but make sure you keep saturated fats and trans fats to an absolute minimum.

Water water everywhere
Splurge on your water.  As much as you want, but definitely no less than the recommended 8 glasses a day as a minimum. Drink it cold!

Planning is key
Ok, this is super important.  Clear out all of the non compliant foods in the cupboard and then plan and purchase your food for the week ahead.  Don’t leave it until you are tired and hungry after work or temptation will get the best of you.  I know from experience.

More than 5 meals a day
Avoiding long periods of hunger with frequent, smaller meals is crucial in your belly fat eating plan.  Get the calories correct for every meal.  More planning… sorry, I know!

Best of luck!  Time to get started.