An Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat That Is Completely Underrated


Why do you exercise?  Chances are it is to lose weight or get fit.  In many cases individuals focus on exercise to reduce belly size or fat levels and to get that toned flat stomach that is oh so desirable.  But what exercises should you do to maximise the amount of belly fat that you lose?  This is where there can often be some confusion.

I imagine your probably have mates that are frequently chewing your ear off talking about the large volume of crunches or sit ups they have been completing or the number of times they have been to the gym.  Chances are they are also the same people that can’t understand why they are unable to shift excess belly fat or to achieve the flat stomach they are targeting.

If they are truthful about the time they have spent exercising, then you cannot question their endeavour.  However without even meeting these people the chances are I know what their problem is.  It is not belly fat they need to worry about – their focus should be on excess body fat.


Let me elaborate.  Everyone has the potential to achieve a flat sexy stomach.  No matter what size you are currently, there is a flat midriff hidden in your body, sheltered by a lawyer of excess fat.

The problem for many weight loss enthusiasts is that they believe the chosen exercise to reduce belly fat is crunches, sit ups or some other similar abdominal exercise.

Now if this sounds like you or your friends, I have some bad news.  Spot fat loss reduction will not work!  What I mean is – targeting a specific localised area of your body for fat reduction is not achievable.  No matter how many sit ups you do, or how many crunches you perform – you are not going to get that flat stomach you are after, unless you reduce your overall body fat percentage.

The most effective approach to reducing excess belly fat is through Total Body Training alongside sustainable modifications to your nutrition or eating behaviours.  What is Total Body Training?  Glad you asked.

In the Belly Fat Formula eBook (shameless plug: did I mention it is available here) we cover off Total Body Training (TBT) in detail.  However for clarity TBT refers to training your entire body, not just your mid section, with exercises and workouts that accelerate your fat loss.   They key is focusing on exercises that activate and work a larger amount of muscle and increase the rate at which your body burns calories.

With this in mind today I wanted to focus on one exercise that is super effective at reducing belly fat – the squat and clean press.  Not only does this exercise give almost your entire body a great workout; performed correctly and with sufficient resistance it is one of the most effective exercises to burn belly (and body fat) creating a significant after burn effect.

How do you do it?  Have a look at the video below.  You can use a barbell like in the video, our alternatively two dumbbells are just as good if you prefer.