Burn Belly Fat Fast At 7 Of The Worlds Coolest Gyms

If you are looking to burn belly fat fast – in many cases you will want to join a gym… a great gym.

Well… what makes a great gym?  The latest cardio machine technology, extensive free weights area, great customer service, no need to wait on machines or perhaps it is the great atmosphere.  Everyone has a different opinion on what it takes to become the best gym about.

Today we look at a few of the coolest gyms on the planet – as judged by the Belly Fat Formula staff!  Whats the criteria you ask?  Well basically we just liked them thats all!

1. Hydropark Outdoor Gym
Head to the Dnieper River in Kiev in the Ukraine and you will come across a gym that has broken the mould.  Originally created as an entertainment complex with a range of water activities including beaches, boating and the like – the area also features a unique gym built from old scrap metal collected from industrial gear, car parts and more.  There are over 200 weight lifting stations and the area is extremely popular with individuals from their late teens through to their 40s and 50s visiting frequently.  Did I mention that the gym is also free?  Great news.

2. Copacabana Beach Gym – Rio De Janeiro
This makeshift gym is not know for its top quality equipment or fantastic instruction.  The attractiveness of this gym is really in its minimalist approach – cobbling together all the resources you need for a great workout without worrying about what they look like.   And what better setting for a gym than Copacabana Beach in Rio!

Source : worldnomads.com

3. Golds Gym – Venice, California
When you think of Golds Gym you immediately think of body building pioneers including the former ‘Governator’ Arnie.  Many believe Golds was the birthplace of bodybuilding, and the famous names that trained there glamorised the development of big muscles.  Training at birthplace of the Golds Gym chain is on the wish list of many aspiring body builder or fitness enthusiast.

4. Nike World Headquarters – Beaverton, Oregon USA.
Nike is all about winning – so it stands to reason that they would have the best of everything at their headquarters in Oregon.  Let me throw a few stats at you…
A 190 acre complex (110,000 square feet fitness facility)
Indoor Track & Pools
34 foot climbing wall
Spas, Physical Therapists and Masseurs
Tennis courts
Outdoor track
Basketball courts
Regular soccer pitches
Thats right, they have got it all.  It must be tough finding time to do your day job if you are one of the 8000 odd staff that have access to the facility.

5. Muscle Beach Gym – United States
Muscle Beach gym was founded way back in 1934.  By now you will have figured out that I like outdoor gyms so this one also makes the list (I think it must be that in little old NZ we don’t have any real outdoor facilities – hence my infatuation with them).  Again this was a regular haunt of bodybuilders and celebs through the years and is still home to a solid bodybuilding crew.

Now I am not saying that this is the best gym if you are starting out and looking to lose belly fat or drop a few kilos – in fact you would probably feel quite out of place unless you are comfortable with your weight training routine – however Located steps from the sand on Venice Beach Boardwalk, Muscle Beach Gym is one of the treasures of Venice and hence makes our list of the coolest gyms.

Source: generationiron.com

6. Athletic Republic
You think running on a treadmill is tough?  Then try Ice Skating on them!  At Athletic Republic training centers skating mills can hit 16 mph and reach up to 32 percent elevation!  Even if you aren’t training for ice hockey this will give you a hell of a workout.

Source: Athleticrepublic.com

Athletic Republic facilities are all becoming a better athlete – not just getting a good workout.  With 156 centres they are one of the premier destinations for intense, individualuseds sports-specific training.    Specially designed patented machines and proprietary programs have elevated thousands of competitors’ performance

7. The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers (New York, NY)
Sometimes a picture can tell a thousand words.  So we hardly need to tell you about the merits of this 150,000 square feet facility perched above a New York City pier.  But we will!  A 1/4 mile track, 46 foot climbing walls, boxing, indoor beach volleyball and much more.  There truly is something here for everyone.

Source: greatist.com

Do you have a favorite gym?  Be sure to let us know the gyms you think should be included on this list to help everyone burn belly fat fast and keep it off!