Fad Diet For Flat Stomach? Think Again

Fad Diet For Flat Stomach

Fad Diet For Flat Stomach

Have you followed a fad diet for flat stomach reasons?  Do you even know what is involved with these popular but ill informed eating patterns?  The word ‘fad’ is bandied around regularly but how does a particular diet or eating pattern qualify.  Good question.

Today I want to give you a bit of the low down on fad diets.  Now if you weren’t already aware of it, you will soon understand that we at the BellyFatFormula.com are pretty anti most fad diets.  So today we want to give you the heads up on how to spot a fad diet.  In particular I want to touch on what makes an eating plan a ‘fad’ so you know to keep well clear.

If you have tried out any one of the multitude of fad diets around nowadays you can take some comfort from the fact that you are not alone.  Plenty of people get swept up with the marketing prowess of manufacturers of these particular diet products.  The most pertinent question is probably – did you manage to stay on your stringent diet or eating plan?  For how long?  And if you did manage to lose a bit of your excess belly fat… how long did you keep it off for?

Ok, so what is a fad diet?
There are literally hundreds of these things available.  They all seem to claim to be the best diet, the most effective way to lose weight, the fastest way to lose excess fat… the list of claims go on and on.  But every fitness pursuit seems to claim this sort of stuff – regardless of whether they would be considered a fad product or not.

Typically a fad diet shares some or many of the following characteristics:

1. Severe restrictions or elimination of certain food groups or nutrients.  For examplelimitations on macronutrients such as carbohydrates or fats.

2. Outlandish claims of a ‘quick fix’.

3. Promotion of a ‘magic’ food or combination of foods.

4. Dramatic claims that sound too good to be true (if it sounds too good to be true… yes, you know the drill…)

5. Extremely rigid and inflexible rules that focus on rapid weight loss.

If the dietary regime or weight loss program you are looking at ticks any of the boxes above then the chances are you are staring down the barrel of another nasty fad diet.

Please trust us when we say fad diets don’t work so avoid this type of diet for flat stomach results.  They won’t help you achieve healthy long term fat loss.