Fighting Fit 50-Year-Old Farmer Reveals The Secret To Her Success

Fitness farm girl Jennifer King

Fitness farm girl Jennifer King

When you consider the words 'fifty', and 'farmer' your mind probably naturally turns to a weather beaten, rugged, salt of the earth, middle aged male. One who has endured his fair share of 'hard slog' throughout his years and whose aging outward appearance belies his true age.

Let me now introduce Jennifer King, farm girl, and recently turned fifty-year-old. King's amazingly toned body and youthful physique makes it hard to believe that she has been on this planet for over half a century, and certainly bucks the trend when it comes to farming stock. 

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King says she has "never felt fitter' even at fifty, and I'd hasten to guess that the 155,000 YouTube subscribers to her channel Banshee Moon probably echo this sentiment. King shares a range of unique workouts with her enthusiastic followers.

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What is her secret to staying youthful and sexy - even as you age? She says committing to 10,000 steps per day is an important component of her daily routine - as is alternating between crossfit and strength training. 

King is a strong advocate of weight lifting, considering herself "stronger and leaner than ever... mostly due to a heavy weightlifting program." However, she was not always into weight training. In fact King admits it is only in the last eight years that she has started to get 'serious' about weights. The results seem to speak for themselves. 

Her training includes a lot of tempo work with weights, as well as a bunch of activities that seem entirely appropriate for a girl on the farm - such as sledgehammer swings, tire flips and sled pulls. HIIT workouts are also a firm favorite - often utilizing body weight and kettle-bells as resistance.

While her physique may not be what you expect from your typical farmer, Jennifer's nutrition is perhaps more inline with a wholesome farming diet. Pletny of fish, meat and vegetables are the order of the day - avoiding heavily processed foods and refined sugars. 

What started simply as Jennifer and her husband taking a few photos of her workouts for fun back in 2012... has turned her into a social media star. She says she could never have imagined becoming a fitness start at 50 - and is "flabbergasted" at how it has all exploded.

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