Food Facts You Won’t Believe Are True…

Are you somewhat of a foodie? Do you think you know everything there is to know about food – whether you are cooking, baking, shopping or just generally eating? After the following video you might just need to think again… Check out the following 12 little known food facts that will really shock you! Trust me on this one.

Now just in case you are stuck at work or in a crowded room and don’t want to watch the full video… here are these 12 scary food facts in written form for your to consume (so to speak).

1. Cheese is the most shoplifted food in the world.  Its probably no wonder with the price some places charge for it.
2.  Honey stays fresh for over 3,000 years.  Yes, they say it never expires, but I am not 100% sure how these experts can testify to that.
3.  Pineapple is not a single fruit… its a group of berries fused together.
4.  The stickers on fruit and veges… are edible.  This one if probably no surprise… I imagine a heap of people accidentally consume a sticker off an apple or pear every now and then.
5.  McDonalds and Taco Bell both started as Hot Dog stands.  Really?
6.  A microwave uses more electricity to power its clock than to heat its food.  Not necessarily a food fact, but interesting none the less.
7.  The inventor of chocolate chip cookies sold her recipe… for a lifetimes supply of chocolate.  I probably would too come to think of it.
8.  The amount of sugar an average American consumes in 5 days is more than an average American consumed in an entire year 200 years ago.  Yes, sugar is a real problem nowadays.
9. German chocolate cake is not german. Its named after Sam German (An American).
10. Eggs sold in the US would be illegal in the UK…
11. And eggs sold in the UK would be illegal in America (due to washing process used).
12.  Before refrigerators were invented people put live frogs in their milk to keep it fresh.  Ok I am going to call liar on this one – it sounds a bit dubious Buzzfeed. I guess they have don’t their research though.

Are there any other fantastic food facts that you are aware of that you want to share.  Feel free to send them to us and we will pop them up on our site for everyone to have a nosy or a laugh at.