How To Lose Weight Fast With Fat Loss Synergy

The goal of losing weig
ht is a commendable one. Keeping it off and repositioning the body for health and wellbeing, as well as looks, is not only commendable – it’s smart. In order to work out how to lose weight fast, it is vital that we recognize each of the four elements that make up a successful fat loss program and give each one equal emphasis.

Individually each of these elements – nutrition, cardio exercise, resistance training and mental training – are important. Combined they have the ability to push your body transformation efforts into the stratosphere. That’s because of the power of synergy.

This concept derives from the idea that an outcome is more than the sum of it’s parts. The powerful interaction of the various elements work magically together, complementing and enhancing one another, to produce outcomes that are far beyond what one could achieve with just one or two of the elements in place.

A great example of the power of synergy in helping a person to achieve phenomenal fat loss results involves the combination of just two of the key elements – nutrition and weight training. The energy balance equation tells us that excess calories will be stored as fat.

However, when a person is training with weights, a decent proportion of those excess calories will be diverted to doing the job of repairing and rebuilding muscle. Now if a person is in a calorie deficit they are going to lose weight. The sort of weight they lose, though, is determined by the activity that they do. A person who is sedentary will lose a large proportion of lean body mass – muscle. The weight trained person, however, will be retaining his existing lean mass and losing excess fat. In the process he will actually be adding to his lean mass, thus giving a further boost to his metabolism which, in turn, leads to even more rapid fat loss.

By combining a third element of a successful fat loss program, cardio exercise, you will be able to push your progress even further. By combining cardio, nutrition and weight training you can triple the rate of fat loss that you would achieve with only one, or two of these elements. The more you train with a combination of resistance and cardio exercise, the greater will be the calories deficit that you will achieve.

Cardio exercise involves any exercise that is rhythmic in nature, involves the large muscle groups of your body and and elevates the heart rate. Running outdoors, using a stationary cycle, running on a treadmill and using a stair climber are all good cardio choices.

The fourth and final element of how to lose weight fast with the synergistic fat loss program has the capacity to transform you into a fat scorching machine. Yet it has nothing to do with weights, calories or cardio exercise. This element – the power of the mind – is the most important of all. Without it, your efforts will be haphazard, inconsistent and disappointing. If you are able to unleash the power of your subconscious to control the forward momentum toward achieving your goals, you will be on an irresistible path to a lean, healthy, fat free body.

Combining the four elements just mentioned will ensure that you have every piece of the jigsaw need to create a leaner, stronger, better you. Utilize the power of synergism to make sure that, this time, you take it off and keep it off.