How to reduce belly fat and still be popular at parties

You’ve just embarked on a new weight loss journey and you know what? This time it is going to work… Right?  This time you are going to lose that excess belly fat or shift the layer of fat around your hip and thigh area.  This time it will be different.  You know how to reduce belly fats and it is really important to you.

But then again… you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun stuff your friends are up to at the end of a long working week.  Who wants to be the person sitting at home mourning a lack of social life?  There’s a big party this weekend and everyone is going.

How can you stick to your rigorous eating regime and continue to achieve your fat loss goals when everyone else is letting their hair back and having a good ol’ time?

It’s a tough predicament.  Lets talk about how to reduce belly fats and still be the life of the party!

Don’t be self conscious

Sometimes this is easier said than done I know… but if your friends are real buddies they will understand that you need to modify you eating and drinking behaviour somewhat to stick to your weight loss plans.  Be loud and proud about what your weight loss or fitness goals are and the fact that you don’t want to eat or drink to excess.

Substitute a beverage or two

No-one is saying you can’t have a drink or two when you trying to lose a few kilos.  After all, it is important that any weight loss intervention is sustainable.  The problem with alcohol is that it not only adds empty calories to your diet, it also has the potential to affect your decision making … resulting in too many calories and the intake of undesirable food choices.

The key is to drink alcohol in moderation.  I know it is always comforting to have a drink in your hand at a party… so substitute a full alc beverage for a lower alcohol option regularly throughout the night to maintain control.  Try alternating alcoholic drinks with a soft drink (that doesn’t have heaps of sugar) or (even better) water to ensure you stay hydrated.  Smart decisions will ensure your weight loss plans remain in check throughout the evening (and the next morning when you rise from your slumber).

Stand in the corner of the room

This sounds like the spot where the least popular person at the party hangs out!  Let me explain.  Don’t spend the night standing beside the food table chowing down on anything that resembles food or a snack.  Position yourself away from temptation… and chat to your crew on the other side of the room.  The more difficult it is to get to the food table… the less likely you are to repeatedly make the effort!

Don’t skip meals

It’s easy to head out early with your mates and forget about dinner until much later in the evening at which point you are well into party mode… and playing catch up on the eating front!  Eat a nutritious meal before you go out.  Fill your stomach up with quality foods, and lessen the impact of any beer or wine that you are consuming.  This will stop you getting hungry later and you may just avoid detouring to the local kebab shop on the way home!

Make sure the day after is sorted

Often it’s the day after the night before that’s the biggest threat to your fat loss endeavours.  You roll out of bed, head fuzzy, eyes blurry and the first thought is the location for a big breakfast to soak up the alcohol you have consumed late into the evening.  Yes, it feels like a good idea at the time… but with a little foresight and planning you can have a healthy breakfast planned for when you surface, and your body will thank you for it.