Lift Weight To Lose Weight – Try These Flat Belly Exercises

When most people contemplate losing belly fat they think of two things – diet and cardiovascular exercise. Few consider lifting weights as a means of losing weight. Those people are missing out on a vital aspect of the fat loss equation.

Weight training can not only allow you to burn more fat, it can provide the means to completely transform your whole body. Here are 6 compelling reasons why weight training flat belly exercises should be a part of your fat attack plan:

It churns through calories:
Done properly, weight training will actually burn more calories than cardio training. Compound exercises like squats, lunges, rowing movements, deadlifts and pressing movements are not only extremely taxing on your anaerobic system, they also require a lot of work to be done by your aerobic system. This combination of the two systems working together is not only the smartest way to train the body, it also burns up a whole lot of calories.

It boosts your metabolism: 
Weight training produces what is known as an ‘after-burn’ effect. This means that it has the power to increase the speed at which your body burns up calories to perform it’s vital functions. In addition, the work that the body has to do to repair muscle damage from training and for building new muscle comes with a very high energy cost. And there’s more – the higher your lean body mass, the faster your metabolism will be in order to maintain the muscle that you carry.

It will transform your physique: 
Weight training puts you in total control of how your body looks. It will allow you to reshape, build and define your body much the way a sculptor works with a piece of clay. In short, weight training puts you in control. If you want to build more muscle, it will allow you to do that. And, if you want to achieve that lean, fit, healthy look it will give you the means of doing that also.

It will make you healthier on the inside: 
Weight training with increase your bone density. It will also allow for an upsurge in your V02 max, which is a measure of the maximum capacity of the body to transport and use oxygen. It also helps to keep the brain active and the nervous system and body attuned to your movement patterns.

It will increase your flexibility:
Contrary to what many people think, weight training – when done correctly – will improve a person’s flexibility. Exercising a muscle through it’s full range of motion promotes flexibility. In addition, training with weights assists in avoiding the loss of flexibility in joints that is a natural part of the aging process.

It will make you stronger: 
Weight training increases the activation of motor units within muscle cells. This makes your muscles work more efficiently, allowing you to carry out the endless number of lifting tasks that you perform daily with greater ease and less risk of injury.

Weight training is a smart move for anyone wishing to get rid of unwanted body or belly fat. Rather than turning you into a muscle bound behemoth, flat belly exercises will allow you to attain the lean, athletic look of a fitness model. You’ll be radiating a healthy, youthful appearance on the outside and you’ll be more efficient, healthier and balanced on the inside. In short, you’ll be better, stronger and faster – while looking damned good in the process.