Get More Sleep And Reduce Tummy Fat

Aug 22, 2016

Are you struggling to get 8 hours uninterrupted sleep each night? Is disrupted sleep making you cranky and tired? Is it seemingly impossible to stick to your diet or healthy eating plans? Are you struggling with how to reduce tummy fat?

If your answer to the above questions is YES then there is probably good reason you are unable to get rid of excess tummy fat. […]

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Research Says: Diets Don’t Work And Won’t Reduce Fat From Belly

Aug 18, 2016

It wasn’t that long ago scientists tried to tell us that exercise is a myth, and not the best way to burn stomach fat (editors note: we didn’t totally agree with them). If exercise isn’t the answer… then the obvious replacement when exploring how to reduce fat from belly, or body, is dieting I suppose. Restricting oneself to certain amounts of special types of foods in order to lose weight. […]

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Tips On Losing Belly Fat: How Much Sugar Are You Drinking?

Aug 13, 2016

What beverage do you reach for when dying of thirst? There are a range of options available from plain old fashioned water, through to a broad variety of sports drinks, energy drinks, juices and more.

Some claim to be specially formulated to quench thirst and counter dehydration, perhaps to aid sports performance, but maybe just for lifestyle survival. Others are popular because of the sweet taste that slides down the throat much more easily than water, it seems. […]

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7 Surprising Foods That Burn Fat Like Crazy

Aug 09, 2016

Chill pepper may just fire up your weight loss. If you can manage a bit of spice or hot stuff and are desperately searching for foods that burn fat like crazy then add some chili pepper to your meal. It may just give your fat burning the edge.

Capsaican is the active compound in chili. It has been shown to provide an increase in metabolic processes post meal by elevating your body’s temperature. […]

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REVEALED: Weight Training Or Cardio The Best Way To Burn Stomach Fat?

Aug 07, 2016

Weights or Cardio? Experts spend considerable time and energy debating which is more effective for tackling hard to lose weight often centred in and around the abdomen. While many exercisers opt for cardio based programs, studies performed by Harvard University and other medical researchers suggest weight training offers more sustainable and reliable results. […]

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3 Alcoholic Drinks That Could Actually Help Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Aug 03, 2016

Friday night again. The end of another long working week. Time to head out with friends and let your hair down. Or is it? Are you acutely aware of undermining an entire weeks weight loss efforts with a single night on the ‘sauce’? After all, drinking alcohol is a sure fire way to increase the size of one’s waistline right?

Do you really have to choose between going out with friends and your ability to lose stubborn belly fat? […]

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The Exercise Myth: Science Says Not The Best Way To Burn Stomach Fat

Jul 25, 2016

Despite increased focus on exercise to combat weight gain, some 600 million people worldwide are categorised as obese. That volume has more than doubled in the past 25 years. Not only that, 1.9 billion (yes… billion) adults over the age of 18 are now considered overweight. Unbelievable.

With those astonishing stats in mind, the question needs to be asked: Is exercise actually effective in weight loss? […]

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