Turn Your Old Couch Into Running Shoes And Reduce Belly Fat

When you ask any fitness expert how to reduce belly fat and get that flat sexy stomach back – the first thing they will probably tell you is to get off the couch and get your running shoes on and to head off for a jog or perhaps a gym session.  That seems like a good place to start.

But often the lure of your sofa can be strong.  You would like to get off your couch and go running.  You are keen to lose weight or to get fit.  But you WANT to continue to relax on your sofa.  It is so comfortable.  Can’t training wait for another day.

Is Obesity A Disability? How To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat

Is Obesity A Disability? How To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat

In a decision that has sparked great interest and potentially widespread implications for employers across Europe, the European Court of Justice, the EU’s highest court, has ruled that obesity can, in certain circumstances, be considered a disability.

The case centers around a childcare worker Mr Karsten Kaltoft’s who claims he was dismissed from his job for being too fat.  Mr Kaltoft weights about 160kg (or 25 Stone).

After 15 years of employment at Billund Local Authority he was sacked, and subsequently brought a discrimination suit against his former employers.  The Billund authority rubbished the claims stating a fall in the number of children led to Mr Kaltofts dismissal – something that Mr Kaltoft strongly denies.

Stunning Belly Fat Transformations Show You How To Reduce Stomach

Are you struggling to stay motivated when it comes to how to reduce stomach fat?  Do you find that you are constantly tempted to fall back into your old ways?  Does it seem like two steps forward and three steps backwards?  How do you stay motivated to achieve your weight loss goals?

Motivation is a constant issue for individuals who are looking to lose weight and get their body back into shape.  Just as you seem to be getting into a habit… then something in your life happens that derails your efforts and sends your motivation plummeting.