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Quick Tips: 7 Ways To Get A Better Body

Quick Tips: 7 Ways To Get A Better Body

The information superhighway that is the internet has proven to be a double edged sword.  Intricately detailed or little-known information is readily available. Answers to questions that historically required significant thought and time investment can be resolved at the blink of an eye, satisfying our never-ending quest for knowledge.  On the flip side, this wealth of information can be overwhelming.  

Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of fitness. There is so much 'guidance', so many conflicting viewpoints, and so many self confessed gurus who passionately espouse their views. The hapless gym goer is often left reeling in a quagmire of confusion.

Research Says: Diets Don't Work And Won't Reduce Fat From Belly

Research Says: Diets Don't Work And Won't Reduce Fat From Belly

It wasn’t that long ago scientists tried to tell us that exercise is a myth, and not the best way to burn stomach fat (editors note: we didn't totally agree with them).  If exercise isn't the answer… then the obvious replacement when exploring how to reduce fat from belly, or body, is dieting I suppose.  Restricting oneself to certain amounts of special types of foods in order to lose weight.

As if trying to get your body back into the desired shape wasn't hard enough… now it seems diets are also on the chopping block.  Many researchers are now claiming diets don’t work either in the battle of the bulge.  In fact, some even suggest dieting is more likely to encourage weight gain than losing excess fat.  A 2012 study into 4,000 identical twins found dieting increased weight gain even when modifying for genetic background.  

What?  Yes, this is shocking news I know.  Particularly when you consider the 45 million Americans planning to go on a diet this year.  

Tips On Losing Belly Fat: How Much Sugar Are You Drinking?

Tips On Losing Belly Fat:  How Much Sugar Are You Drinking?

What beverage do you reach for when dying of thirst?  There are a range of options available from plain old fashioned water, through to a broad variety of sports drinks, energy drinks, juices and more.  

Some claim to be specially formulated to quench thirst and counter dehydration, perhaps to aid sports performance, but maybe just for lifestyle survival.  Others are popular because of the sweet taste that slides down the throat much more easily than water, it seems. 

The problem with many of these popular drinks are that they are laden with sugar, quite possibly the worst ingredient on the planet and already abundant in our everyday diet.  The worst ingredient on the planet?  Surely that is an exaggeration.   

Avoid These 4 Totally Overrated Weight Loss Exercises

Avoid These 4 Totally Overrated Weight Loss Exercises

Girl, boy, man or woman.  Regardless of age or gender, weight loss is tough.  Individuals from all walks of life struggle with weight gain or an inability to shift fat from hard to reach places. Although admittedly losing weight seems to become exponentially more difficult as we age.

We’re never short of advice though.  A wealth of information is front and center to entice you to lose weight.  It typically revolves around some sort of dietary strategy or a 'remarkable' program, workout, exercise or fitness product.  The problem is much of this advice is conflicting or dubious at best.

Today I want to delve into the exercise side of things.  Let’s look at how to reduce the belly fat around your midsection by avoiding four of the most overrated and ineffective exercises.  You’ll see these exercises popping up time and time again in 'so called' weight loss programs.

7 Surprising Foods That Burn Fat Like Crazy

7 Surprising Foods That Burn Fat Like Crazy

Chill pepper may just fire up your weight loss.  If you can manage a bit of spice or hot stuff and are desperately searching for foods that burn fat like crazy then add some chili pepper to your meal.  It may just give your fat burning the edge.  

Capsaican is the active compound in chili.  It has been shown to provide an increase in metabolic processes post meal by elevating your body’s temperature.  To cool down your body requires calories, resulting in an increase to your metabolism.  

REVEALED: Weight Training Or Cardio The Best Way To Burn Stomach Fat?

REVEALED: Weight Training Or Cardio The Best Way To Burn Stomach Fat?

Weights or Cardio?  Experts spend considerable time and energy debating which is more effective for tackling hard to lose weight often centred in and around the abdomen. While many exercisers opt for cardio based programs, studies performed by Harvard University  and other medical researchers suggest weight training offers more sustainable and reliable results. 

Cardio exercise has been shown to be effective at keeping weight off once a goal weight has been achieved, but to get to that weight you have to lay the foundation to burn stomach fat.

A Flat Stomach Diet That Involves Eating Chocolate… Yum

‘Slim By Chocolate’.  Sounds fantastic.  I love a piece of Dairy Milk or Caramello from time to time.  And if it is a key part of a flat stomach diet that is going to help me get rid of belly fat – even better.

But how could slimming by chocolate possibly work?  My small Dairy Milk chocolate bar contains a whopping 240 calories and 13.5 grams of Fat.  Surely that cannot be good for me?

What about Caramello then?  This one has 220 calories, 90 of which come from the 10 grams of fat.  As an aside 6 grams are saturated fats (the worst kind).  There are a bunch of sugars in there too – 25 grams and a low 3 grams of Protein.

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight Is Staying Hydrated… Maybe

It’s stinking hot here is Samoa today.  And as luck would have it we have experienced our first (of what according to locals will be frequent) water outage.

No water to wash the dishes, clothes, hands or have one of my daily cold showers to bring the temperature down a notch or two.

Fortunately (or unfortunately as the case may be) we don’t drink the water in Samoa unless it is boiled or bottled.  So thankfully I have a stash of ice cold water waiting in the fridge and the freezer.  Crisis averted.

How To Lose Your Stomach Fat On A Pacific Island

Samoa.  A wonderful pacific hideaway.  Full of glorious beaches, crystal clear warm water, friendly locals, great surf, plus steaming heat and humidity.  Here is a little snapshot of what you are missing out on below…

My family and I have had the pleasure of moving from the (relatively) big city of Auckland, New Zealand (1.5 million population) to the remoteness of Upolo Island in Samoa.  A kind of break from reality for the next six months.  

After several years of discussion and debate we finally made the break from city living to recharge the batteries, clear the mind and to spend more time with our young family.

Love It Or Hate It? How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat With Crossfit

Are you familiar with Crossfit?  I imagine you will have heard at least something about the much loved and much maligned fitness craze that has been sweeping the world over the last few years.

Hundreds of thousands of people have joined the Crossfit cult.  Perhaps even more.  And just as soon as they start sharing their sweat and pain with relative strangers it seems they’re hooked.  Not only can they not stop indulging in their new fitness craze, but the perception is they cannot stop singing its praises.

Take a walk down the hall though, and the Crossfit enthusiasts are deemed too intense, elitist and what’s more there are questions about the safety and legitimacy of Crossfit as a form of training.