Top 3 Fat Loss Mistakes When Losing Stomach Fat

Today I want to chat about three of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to losing stomach fat.  Now I know what you are thinking – there’s way more than three mistakes to be made when it comes to getting in shape.  And you would be right!  But todays article focuses on a few of the big hitters heavily affecting your ability to achieve weight loss results.

Expecting immediate results
Losing body fat (and keeping it off) is NOT a short term gig.  Don’t believe the hype and the misleading claims by corrupt marketers!  You won’t experience massive levels of fat loss in a matter of days.  Seriously, you won’t.  In fact often any immediate ‘weight loss’ that you do experience on ‘fad’ diets in the marketplace is nothing more than water loss.  You are not losing body fat at all!

Don’t take a short term view on your weight loss.  Aggressive changes to yournutrition and exercise levels are difficult to maintain, can be extremely unhealthy and are far less likely to lead to a long term reduction in body fat levels.  Aim to lose your weight in a slow and controlled manner with sensible changes to your nutrition and exercise regime.

Severe diet restrictions
Severe dietary restrictions and ‘fad diets‘ don’t work.  What do I mean by a fad diet?  Well typically they are diets that demonstrate severe restrictions to, or elimination of certain food groups or nutrients or promotion of a ‘magic’ food or combination of foods.  They often come with claims of a quick fix, or assertions that sound to good to be true.  What’s more there are often extremely rigid and inflexible rules that focus on rapid weight loss.

These dietary restrictions don’t work.  Even if you do manage to starve yourselve for long enough to lose some excess fat you’ll struggle to maintain it for any period of time.  And… chances are the weight comes straight back on as soon as you come off the impossibly strict eating regime.

Believing in spot reduction
Are you trying to get rid of the fat from a specific area on your body – let’s assume it is losing stomach fat for example.  Why not just focus on training the stomach and abs to get rid of your excess belly fat?  Sorry.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but it doesn’t work that way.  Spot reduction does not work.  Don’t rely on ab specific training to get rid of your belly fat.   You need to reduce you overall body fat levels to get that flat stomach you are after.

Ok any questions?  I hope not.  If you avoid making these key mistakes you are well on your want to getting your dream body.  Focus your weight loss efforts on a combination of sensible healthy eating and full body exercise, and be prepared to stick to your plan for a period of time in order to see results.