Turn Your Old Couch Into Running Shoes And Reduce Belly Fat

When you ask any fitness expert how to reduce belly fat and get that flat sexy stomach back – the first thing they will probably tell you is to get off the couch and get your running shoes on and to head off for a jog or perhaps a gym session.  That seems like a good place to start.

But often the lure of your sofa can be strong.  You would like to get off your couch and go running.  You are keen to lose weight or to get fit.  But you WANT to continue to relax on your sofa.  It is so comfortable.  Can’t training wait for another day.

Yes, getting off the sofa is often the hardest part.  Either that or trying not to sit down on it in the first place.  So what do you do?

I have got great news about your sofa!
Bottled water company Vittel are trying to help you to take your ass off the sofa to help you get rid of that belly fat.  Really?  How?

Well they are actually going to turn your old couch into a new pair of running shows. Yes, the the French drinks company believes its much more important to have comfort on your feet than under your seat while you watch the TV!

Ok, I am not sure that is necessarily their motivation, but regardless it sounds fantastic right?

Imagine having a new pair of trainers that were carefully crafted out of your old plaid sofa or constructed from your favourite quilted armchair.  You would be the talk of the town I am guessing.

Ok, so how do you make this happen then?  All you need to do is send a picture of your couch to Vittel Couch Converter with a sample of your couch’s fabric and you could be in luck! [Ed: sorry this promo has now finished]

No more sitting on the couch.  It no longer exists!  What better motivation to get in shape than stepping out in your new runners!  Your friends will be highly jealous.

The only problem… they will probably be so trendy you may never want to train in them. First world problems.

Ok, if you own custom designed trainers are not enough to get you out the door then try this one for size… Google and Adidas’s Talking Shoe designed to nag you to reduce belly fat!  What will these companies think of next? Who knows.