What Twitter Can Teach You About How To Get Rid Belly Fat

Are you currently using Twitter?  Do you check on this ever popular micro blogging platform daily to get your news and entertainment fix?  Or is Twitter to you simply a place where people with too much time on their hands go to overshare information about their life?  What has Twitter got to do with how to get rid belly fat or to getting into shape?

Yes, there is a lot of information on Twitter.  Yes, much of it is mundane, uninteresting and a downright waste of time and effort reading.  The good news however is that Twitter has evolved since the early days of tweeting lunch plans or daily chores.  Yes, there is still a bunch of this garbage floating around the twittersphere, but Twitter nowadays has become a fantastic source of immediate news and with the length of tweets being limited to 140 characters you receive concise, to the point info.

What about weight loss then?  Well… if you know where to look, and are serious about making improvements to your fitness, nutrition or general health then embracing Twitter might just give you that extra edge.  It could be the very thing you need to establish how to get rid belly fat once and for all.

Below we touch on a few fantastic sources of information that really can make a difference to your weight loss endeavours.

Daily Fitness Tips
Are you struggling for inspiration when it comes to your fat loss, exercise or fitness training?  Could you use a bit of extra help selecting specific exercises or types of workouts?  Do you simply want to understand a bit more about fitness and well being?  Here are a few Twitter accounts you might want to follow that may just help.

@fatbellyblog – How did that one get in here… yes, it’s ours (and we are biased!)

Fitness Motivation
Keeping motivated day in day out is tough going.  But sticking to the task is extremely important if you are to achieve your fat loss goals.  Twitter is a fantastic source of motivation for exercise.  There are a range of inspirational and motivational individuals that can really can give you that extra incentive to stick to your training.  Whether it is through learning about their success stories, viewing stunning images of fitness trainers and models, or simply reading up on motivational quotes.  Check out the following Twitter accounts that we recommend for added motivation.


Healthy Eating
There are no end of nutritional experts on Twitter sharing their knowledge.  You might find a link to a healthy recipe, information on certain food types, or you may learn an entirely different approach to food.  Twitter can give you quick nutritional tips or perhaps help you dig deeper into the food you are putting into your body.  They key is knowing who to follow.  Try these accounts on for size.