How You Can Lose Belly Fat in One Month!

A lot can happen in a month: you can get promoted, get married, end a relationship, or even win the lottery. More realistically, you can use the 30 days to strengthen your body or shed belly fat and enjoy a lean and toned stomach.

Although you won’t be able to completely change your body or lose more than a few pounds in a month, you can start achieving your weight loss goals.

So, how can you really shed belly fatin a month?

How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Month?

You can healthily lose up to two pounds in seven days. Add that up, and in a month, you can shed up to eight pounds off your weight. To lose up to two pounds a week, you’ll need to burn 500 to 1,000 calories more than the food you consume each day. This is achievable with regular physical activity and a low- calorie diet.

Other lifestyle practices influence how you lose weight. For example, too much stress increases your body’s levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Higher levels of cortisol also increase your cravings for comfort food and caloric refined carbs. As a result, you have a more difficult time losing weight, let alone shedding some belly fat.

Getting enough sleep also ensures your body will recover well and that you have enough energy for your workouts. At least seven hours of sleep energizes your body for the next day.

You can also enjoy a slimmer waistline in just a month. In an interview with POPSUGAR magazine, ACSM- certified personal trainer and registered dietitian Jim White said that some people can lose up to 10 inches in a month from losing up to eight pounds.

Those 10 inches, however, aren’t just from your stomach. They are also full-body measurements from all major areas of your body, including hips, waist, legs, chest, arms, neck, and shoulders. Also, the inches you lose, dependingon the following factors:

  • The kind of cardio you’re doing
  • If you are on weight training or not
  • How much water you’re drinking
  • The number of calories you’re eating

Shed Pounds Strategies: How Can You Lose Weight and Inches in 30 Days?

There is no one way to shed weight and inches in a month. It takes a multipronged approach to see results. The foundation of successful weight loss programs is a healthy, calorie-controlled diet combined with regular exercise.

For successful weight loss, a few changes in your lifestyle and health habits also help. Consider the following strategies:

  •  Develop Your Inner Motivation.
    No one else can make you lose weight but you. Before you plan diets and exercise plans, answer this question: what gives you the burning desire to stick to your plan?Make a list of the factors that keep you focused and motivated — whether you want better self-confidence or to improve health. Then find a way you can call on these motivational factors whenever you’re faced with temptation. For example, you can post an encouraging note to yourself on your refrigerator whenever you’re tempted to gorge on junk food.Also, while you are responsible for your weight loss behavior, it helps to have a support group. Pick people who will encourage you in your weight loss journey. These people should be able to listen to your concerns, exercise with you, and create healthy menus with you.
  • Avoid ConsumingToo Much Sugar
    Food and drinks with added sugars keep you from achieving your weight loss goals. Excess sugar, mostly due to the excessive amounts of fructose, can lead to fat building up around your liver
    and abdomen. Sugar is half fructose and half glucose. When you eat too much sugar, you overload your liver with fructose, turning the fructose into fat. Liver fat and abdominal fat can cause insulin resistance and other metabolic problems.Minimize the amount of sugar you consume in your diet. Also, try to eliminate sugary drinks altogether. This includes sugary sodas, sugar-sweetened beverages, high-sugar sports drinks, and fruit juices.
  • Eat Fiber-Rich FoodsA fiber-rich diet can help with weight loss—the type of fiber you consume, however, matters.Viscous and soluble fibers positively impact your weight. These fibers bind water and form a thick gel that sits in your gut. This gel slows the movement of food through your digestive system, which slows down your digestion and absorption of nutrients. As a result, you feel full for longer.Get more fiber by eating plenty of plant foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Cereals, whole oats, and legumes are good sources of fiber, too.
  • Exercise Regularly
    Spot reduction — losing fat in one spot — is not an effective way to lose fat. Instead, invest time and energy in cardiovascular exercise and weight training. These activities will reduce fat across your body. Aerobic exercise — like running, walking, and swimming — can also help you reduce abdominal fat.Apart from helping you lose fat, exercise can also lower your blood sugar levels, reduce your inflammation, and improve your metabolic process.
  • Track Your Food Intake
    Not keeping track of your food makes you prone to underestimating or overestimating your food intake. Tracking what you eat doesn’t require measuring or weighing everything you eat. Track what you eat for a few days in a row to determine areas for improvement.

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