5 Things You Need To Know About Losing Unsightly Belly Fat

Are you suffering from unwanted or unsightly belly fat?  Have you been struggling with an ever expanding midsection, hip or thigh region?  Has your flat sexy stomach recently been replaced with that dreaded ‘spare tyre’?  If you've been sporting an out of shape body for some time, then no doubt you been subjected to a wealth of weight loss advice and have probably tried a heap of different (and perhaps even extreme) methods to lose your excess belly fat... possibly with limited success.   

In this blog article I wanted to touch on five key weight loss truths that you must be aware of before you will ever successfully lose weight from your stomach, hip or thigh region.  Once you can comprehend these five weight loss principles you will go a long way to finally achieving your lifelong weight loss goals.

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Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths


Ok, without further ado… lets start with the first weight loss truth that you must understand.

1. Fad diets are not the answer!
Diets that severely restrict calorie intake or dramatically reduce specific food groups (such as low fat or low carb diets) will not achieve long term weight loss.  Fad diets are not only extremely difficult to stick to, but many of these restrictive eating patterns actually end up reducing your bodies fat burning potential in the medium to long term. To successfully lose weight and keep it off for life you need to focus on eating healthy and powerful metabolism boosting foods.  

2. Your real issue is not the amount of fat you are eating...
It’s a common misconception that all fats are evil and must be eliminated.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  In fact fat is an important macronutrient and essential for your body to maintain healthy metabolic processes.  The key to successful weight loss is eating the right type of fats and not overdoing the quantity. 

3. Forget about traditional cardio and the ‘Fat Burning Zone’
Are you spending a significant component of your workouts plugging away at traditional low intensity cardio exercises in your ‘fat burning zone’?  The Fat Burning Zone is a myth and is not the most effective way to get rid of excess belly fat.  You can lose weight in much less time by adopting some of the super effective exercise techniques we outline in the Belly Fat Formula.  

4. High reps does not mean better muscle toning
Is advice constantly ringing in your ears from fitness ‘experts‘  to focus on high reps for better muscle toning?  Nonsense!  In most cases a lack muscle tone is due to excess fat covering muscles or a lack of muscle itself.  If you focus on lower intensity high rep workouts you are going to struggle to move your unwanted fat and to achieve that amazing lean muscle appearance.

5. Bundles of sit ups and crunches won't give you a flat stomach
Don’t waste your time performing thousands of abdominal exercises trying to drive away that excess Belly Fat.  These sorts of exercises are actually the LEAST effective method of getting the flat stomach you are after.  You need to focus on exercises that engage the entire body, not just the abdominal region, to shift your excess belly fat. We’ll cover off the exercises that really work in detail in the Belly Fat Formula.

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