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Fad diets, weight loss pills and fitness gadgets don’t work!

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If you’re like most of our customers then you’ve probably tried every 'fad' diet, weight loss pill, ‘low fat’ food, or exercise gadget on the market, with limited success.

The truth is, most of them don’t work and aren't going to help lose belly fat or gain the head-turning physique you’re after.

Can you imagine the change to your life in a few short weeks or months if you could lose all or at least some of the excess fat on your body.

Think how you would feel showing off your flat stomach, or having the confidence to put on a bikini or togs when summer rolls around. Not to mention rediscovering an entire wardrobe of clothes you thought you’d never wear again!

Let me ask you this...

What does carrying around excess weight do to your confidence? Would you be far happier looking in the mirror if you could shift a few extra pounds from your belly, hip or thigh area?

Perhaps you would like to get rid of your ‘muffin top’, ‘love handles’, ‘beer belly’ or simply tone up problem areas around your body.

I’m sure the answer is yes… you would. In fact most people feel uncomfortable about certain areas of their body and would like to do something about them.

The issue is many don't understand how to change the parts of their body they're embarrassed or self conscious about, or at the very least how to maintain changes over a prolonged period of time.

Overweight woman on scales

Can you relate to this?

How many times have you undertaken a fat loss diet or fitness fad in the past? If you’re like the majority of people I speak with who are striving to lose weight then the answer is ‘a lot’. Often regular gym goers or serial dieters do manage to lose a few pounds here and there. Unfortunately, the reduction tends to be short lived and pounds lost return - with a vengeance.

Does your weight yo-yo up and down as you lose weight only to regain it again? It’s not as if you're not trying hard enough to achieve your fitness goals. Weight loss can be frustrating.

Are you frustrated or confused about how to lose belly fat?

  • Are you continually altering the type of diet you are on. Is it low carb one month, low fat the next? Have you tried dropping a particular macronutrient altogether or following a ‘cleansing’ routine. There is so much conflicting information it's no wonder you're unsure how to maintain a consistent eating pattern that will achieve your goals.
  • Have you suffered through severe calorie restricted diets that claim lightning fast weight loss? Were you constantly tired or lethargic, not to mention starving? Did you find it extremely difficult manage your hunger, occasionally binge eating to satisfy a nagging appetite?
  • Do you regularly purchase fitness or abdominal gimmicks you see on the TV, internet or in stores in a bid to shift excess fat around your mid section? Do they typically get used a handful of times only to be discarded to the garage or spare room?
  • Every New Year or summer do you purchase a new gym membership, only to end up stopping due to not getting the results you desire?
  • Are you continually performing low intensity cardio exercises… and despite feeling fitter you're still unable to shift fat deposits from your body.

Does this sound familiar?

Does any of this sound familiar? Is so… I'm really sorry to hear it. Losing belly fat and getting the body you've dreamed of is tough work… and can be a heartbreaking experience. It can play heavily on your emotions. Too often people stop, not because they haven't tried hard, but because the plan they're following is never going to deliver success. In fact in many instances their plan is likely to negatively impact their long term fat metabolism.

If you're serious about achieving the body shape you’ve always wanted then you need a weight loss program that is simple to understand, easy to follow and most of all, proven to get results.

What if I told you that you could torch your extra body fat and transform from ‘flab to fab’ in no time - without severe calorie restrictions or avoiding specific food groups. What if I said you could supercharge your fat loss with only a few exercise sessions per week of no longer than 30 minutes. And you don't even need to go to the gym if you don’t want to. What if I told you that I guarantee you can achieve long lasting weight loss?

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Don’t spend another minute being unhappy about your body

There is a way out. You can achieve the sexy figure or flat stomach you desire if you stop committing some of these common fitness blunders. Are you making one of the following weight loss mistakes?

Overweight woman on scales

MISTAKE #1: Following a ‘Fad Diet’

Diets that restrict specific food groups or severely reduce calorie intake are futile for long term weight loss endeavours. Not only are they difficult to adhere to, but they can compromise your bodies fat burning capacity.

Sustainable weight loss relies on eating healthy and powerful metabolism boosting foods.

MISTAKE #2: The ‘Fat Burning Zone’

Are you spending hours plugging away at traditional low or moderate intensity cardio? Unfortunately, the ‘fat burning zone’ is a myth and not an effective way to get in shape.

You can lose belly fat faster and more efficiently through an alternative exercise approach.

MISTAKE #3: Thousands of sit ups

Are you wasting half your life completing abdominal exercises to achieve a flat stomach? Bundles of sits ups or crunches will never shift your excess belly fat and are actually the LEAST effective method of achieving a sexy stomach. You need to focus on exercises that engage the entire body, not just the abdominal region, to dispose of your excess weight.

MISTAKE #4: High reps for muscle ‘toning’

Countless fitness ‘experts’ prescribe high reps for muscle toning. Excuse me, but this is nonsense!

Generally a lack muscle tone is caused by a covering of excess fat, or a lack of muscle. Low intensity, high rep workouts will struggle to provide the lean muscle or ‘toned’ appearance you desire, or remove excess body fat.

MISTAKE #5: Believing low fat is the answer

Chances are your real issue is not the volume of fat you're consuming. Too many people believe all fats are evil and should be eradicated! Not true. Your body relies on fats to maintain healthy metabolic processes. Choosing the right type and volume of fats is central to successful weight loss.

An endless stream of conflicting advice...

Ok, maybe you're not making any of these common weight loss mistakes, but you're still unable to achieve your specific goals. Perhaps you are new to weight loss but are confused by the endless stream of conflicting advice or information. Possibly you've tried 'umpteen' different diets, pills, potions or gadgets to shift unwanted pounds over the years.

The fact so many people are struggling to lose belly fat or tone an out of shape body shouldn't come as any surprise.

Bogus, inadequate or just plain incorrect information from fitness 'experts' leaves individuals confused on where to start or which way to turn. Much of the available guidance is laced with corporations pushing their own agenda to promote their latest fitness 'fad' or product.

It makes me really mad how much conflicting nutrition, fitness and weight loss advice is circulating the media today. Everywhere you turn there is contradictory information or self proclaimed fitness ‘gurus’ telling you...

Balanced diet

  • To significantly restrict your calorie intake
  • Proposing extremely rigid and inflexible rules focused on rapid fat loss.
  • To remove a specific macronutrient or to rely primarily on a single food group
  • Promoting outlandish claims of a 'quick fix', 'magic' food or combination of foods
  • Dramatic claims that sound too good to be true
  • Or recommending exercise that focus on low intensity cardio or muscle 'toning'

You've probably received this sort of advice. Maybe it was from well meaning sources who were simply uninformed. However, the long and short of it is if you follow this sort of approach you're unlikely to achieve the results you're after.

Admittedly you may see some short term weight loss, which can be encouraging. But medium to long term your body becomes wired for failure due to the extreme nature of these fads and the impact they have on your fat burning metabolism.

If you're struggling to lose the last 5 pounds or to understand how to get started then you're not alone. A large proportion of people trying to lose weight are battling the same issues. The tragedy is they often give up and simply put up an out of shape body. You don’t have to be satisfied with second best…

A better way...

Now for the good news. There is a better way. A healthier way. A way based on scientific research. And a way that will finally help create the leaner sexier body you're after, help achieve your fitness goals, and restore your confidence.

This way offers balanced, sensible nutritional advice, proven fitness training options and has successfully delivered a slimmer body to thousands worldwide.

What's more… it's not going to cost a fortune like many of the weight loss programs in the marketplace today.

The Belly Fat FormulaThe Belly Fat Formula

What if there was a weight loss program that could tell you exactly how to achieve long term weight loss, how to set realistic goals, what foods to eat and avoid to supercharge your fat metabolism, and how to structure your daily nutrition.

What if it included the best exercises to create lean muscle, burn body fat, and create an ongoing capability to burn more calories inn just 2-3 weekly sessions of less than 30 minutes.

How would this make you feel? Excited? Confident ? Itching to get started?

Before you completely give up on the opportunity to have the body you've always wanted give our Belly Fat Formula a try. Not only will it provide everything you need to lose even the most stubborn fat.. We're so confident in the tools and information it provides that we guarantee it’s success.

See for yourself why we are so confident the Belly Fat Formula will work for you...

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I’ve read many books and articles on losing fat and weight – not one comes close to BFF. It’s easy to read, simple but effective formula gives people the best way to a lean, hard body with proper exercises. Great find

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Are you ready to start sculpting a chiseled body and destroying excess stomach fat. Is it time to set your weight loss goals and structure a simple and effective plan to achieve them? Is it time stop yo-yo dieting once and for all?

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