23 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Having to Go to the Gym

You’ve tried everything–hours and hours of sweating it out at the gym and jumping from one trendy diet to the other. You may have even filled your fridge with nothing but low-fat food and lemon water. You might’ve even dedicated an hour to read articles just like this!

This won’t be like any of the other articles you’ve read though. And unlike your typical belly fat weight loss program, the Belly Fat Formula ebook reveals the secrets you need to know on how to really lose belly fat in just 14 days.

We have a very specific method, but here’s one secret we’ll reveal right now! You can jumpstart your weight loss journey without heading to the gym. Check out these mostly overlooked ways on how to lose belly fat in one month:

Watch your snacks

Wait a minute, isn’t snacking supposed to help control your appetite throughout the day? Well, it depends on what you’re having. As it turns out, numerous studies have shown that eating the wrong snack can lead to weight gain. Think of this the next time you reach out for highly-processed and energy-dense snacks like cookies and chocolate bars. Opt for high-protein, low carb, and high-fiber snacks instead, like fruits.

Have more than three meals

Again, this might seem counterproductive to your efforts, but research suggests that having more than three meals a day can actually help with weight loss. Because it increases your metabolic rate, your body burns more calories. Plus, frequent meals can prevent you from overeating as you tend to feel full most of the time.

Count your calories

The general rule of thumb is to burn more calories than what you are eating and the way to do it is to watch what you eat. Cutting calories is definitely easier said than done, but you can always ward off hunger by increasing your protein intake. And of course, don’t forget to drink water. When you’re reaching for a snack, drink a glass instead. You may be thirsty–not hungry.

Eat more protein

To put it simply, eating protein has a lot of benefits. From building muscles and your overall strength to boosting your metabolism and helping you burn more fat, the list goes on and on. Did you know protein also repairs your body after a workout and keep you from eating all those late-night snacks? It’s time to stock up on eggs, peanut butter, quinoa, seafood, and more.

Choose the right carbs

Carbohydrates are often painted as the enemy of weight loss, but that’s not always true. Your body still uses carbs as its main fuel source. The catch, though, is this: not all carbs are equal. There are good carbs and bad carbs, and knowing the distinction between the two is crucial. You want to go for the high-fiber carbohydrates like vegetables and fruits to help increase metabolism.

Drink water

Why go after sugar-filled juices and sodas when you can always stay hydrated with a good ol’ glass of water? Apart from curbing your hunger, it also helps increase the calories and fat burned. Not to mention, it functions as nature’s broom and helps clear toxins and other waste materials as it goes through the digestive system.

Don’t hate on fats

As much as you hate to see it on your hips or thighs, your body needs fat to function. Here’s the rub, though: you’ll need to include the right fats in your diet. Experts recommend foods high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, as these can greatly help your appetite. Plus, it tastes good, too.

Added sugar is the enemy

Avoiding sugar is easier said than done, given that a lot of foods today have it as an ingredient. Even those branded as “healthy” foods contain a surprising amount of added sugar. This is bad, because not only is it counterproductive to all the hard work you’re putting into losing weight, but it also causes conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Make sure that you’re not unknowingly consuming added sugar by taking a closer look at the food’s label.

Work a sweat with spicy foods

Good news for those who like their food hot, hot, hot! Yes, there’s a way to work a sweat without exercise, and that’s by eating spicy food. Chili peppers, in particular, contain capsaicin, a compound that helps in boosting your metabolism and curbing your appetite. Still, too much of a good thing can be bad for you and overindulging in spicy foods may cause your body to ramp up its tolerance to capsaicin, which reduces its weight loss benefits. Got stomach ulcer or acid reflux? You may want to avoid spicy foods, too.

Never go wrong with fiber

If there’s one thing nutritionists and fitness experts recommend, it’s fiber. Look for viscous fiber that’s typically found in beans, oats, and brussel sprouts, among others. Not only will it make you feel full after every meal, it’ll also help control your weight over time.

Soak up Vitamin D

It’s good to stretch your legs and soak up the sun’s heat once in a while, but did you know that it can also help with weight loss? Many studies found that people with larger bodies have lower levels of vitamin D, while those who’ve lost weight have increased levels of the vitamin. In fact, a study suggests that vitamin D can be used to supplement one’s weight loss efforts. Apart from sunbathing and going to the beach, you can also take food supplements or food rich in vitamin D to get your fix.

Indulge in your morning coffee

Here’s a great reason to enjoy your morning cup of coffee even more: it aids in your weight loss efforts. Studies suggest that the caffeine found in coffee can boost your metabolism and increase the fat being burned in your body. Of course, make sure to stick with black coffee and do away with sugar and other high-calorie fixings

Tea – green tea – works as well

Fans of tea, listen up. If you don’t love coffee, you’ll be glad to know that green tea works wonders as well. Though it doesn’t do much for your need for caffeine (though there are some tea variants that are stronger than coffee), it does have loads of antioxidants that enhance fat burning. Both the actual beverage and food supplements containing green tea are also found to aid in weight loss.


Preparing and cooking your meals makes sense when it comes to weight loss: you have control over what goes into your food and the size of its serving. A study even backs this up: experts found that people who cook their own meals were found to be healthier. Honestly, you’d be surprised to know the copious amounts of butter, salt, and sugar that goes into meals cooked in your favorite restaurant.

Prepare meals in advance

No time to cook meals? That’s not an excuse for you to speed through the next drive-through and indulge in burgers and fries. For those pressed for time, try preparing your meals in advance. Buy all the ingredients you’ll need in bulk, then prepare parts of the meal in advance. Some people even spend the entire weekend doing the meal prep for all their weekly meals. Simply pick and reheat, and you’ll have yourself a healthy home cooked meal in no time at all.

Don’t get hungry

Here’s the problem with most of today’s fad diets: they tend to make you hungry, either by limiting your food options or by compelling you to follow a strict window hour for meals. By making yourself hungry–deliberate or not–you become more prone to eating the wrong type of food. Let’s just say that you’re not doing your body a favor by starving yourself in the first place.

Keep unhealthy food out of sight

It’s a neat little trick, but very effective. After all, you wouldn’t be tempted to graze on unhealthy food if they’re nowhere in sight? A study actually backs this up: people in households where high-calorie foods are easily visible tend to weigh more compared to those living in houses with healthy foods on display. Time to keep the cookies, chips, and chocolates out of sight and out of mind then!

Have a healthy snack handy

On the flip side, make sure that healthy snacks, like apples, baby carrots, or hard-boiled eggs, are within reach. Not only will it help keep you full, but it will keep you away from that bag of chips. Go for unprocessed whole foods, like fruits, or for simple protein-rich snacks.

Portion your food

Again, overindulging is the enemy of any weight loss program. If you want to keep track of the calories or carbs you’re consuming, keeping a food diary or taking pictures of your meals daily can be effective, according to studies. You can even take it a step further by using a smaller plate for your meals. Swapping your plate for a smaller one might not seem a bit strange, but psychologically, you may end up feeling fuller faster.

Enjoy your food by chewing slowly

We’re so used to eating food that we no longer pay attention to the way we eat it. But did you know that proper chewing can make all the difference when it comes to weight loss? How you chew, in particular, can have an effect on your caloric intake and the production of hormones related to weight loss. That said, take your sweet time. Savor your food. Chew slowly and thoroughly. You may find that your enjoyment of your food increases, making you feel fuller.

Avoid “fad” diets

How many articles or ads have you seen waxing poetic about this or that diet? Magazines, and now social media, write about these trendy diets. You also have many famous people who swear by them. Sure, you may see impressive results for a while, but sticking to these diets can actually do more harm than good. Rather than jump into the next “fad” diet that you think will work for you, consider improving your eating habits and overall diet instead.

Step on the scale

That weighing scale may feel more of an enemy at times, but keep in mind that the only way you’ll keep on track is by tracking your progress. In fact, a study suggests that regular weigh-ins help people not only in losing weight, but in consistently keeping them off. The best time for a weigh-in is in the morning before breakfast, and you’ll need to track your progress every single day.

Get some sleep

When it comes to weight loss, sleep is just as important as a healthy diet and daily exercise. Poor sleep is actually linked to obesity, and it’s often because it can mess up with your hormones, causing you to indulge in those midnight snacks. If you’re really aiming for fast results, work on the way you sleep.

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